For any association to be excellent in their improvement and quality they must be great in the facilities they offer for its general working, from individuals working in to particular strategies utilized for the satisfaction of the requests that come in. These facilities help the general finished result to be savored taking care of business by the purchaser of the item, giving the association a cooperative attitude that will endure forever. Such is the working of the office with regards to The Al Tayyibath Fish Trading Company.


About Our Modernized Plant

Seafood is gotten from unpolluted water bodies are the reason they are completely fresh and with perfect quality. That is not an extremely normal activity, as we take exceptional consideration in picking the sort of water bodies we can. The catch is then handled cautiously by well-educated individuals who are prepared to carry out this responsibility dependent on the HACCP confirmed plant which is at admirable standard with the propelled handling offices the world over.

The people engaged with the handling unit are exceptionally highly qualified and all around prepared skilled laborers had some expertise in the field of managing the items in different conditions. They are continually observed while playing out their work in order to hold consistency and for the consistency of the nature of the handled items from our association.

Our Smart Work & Solutions:
  • Ability to prioritize business communications
  • Modernized and consistently communicate with workers and clients to make better Processes.
  • Faster, reliable and more efficient communication for devivery.

A Simple way to deal with Quality

Ever seen how the word quality raise all jargons and clichés absent much substance, we have constantly kept it basic. We understand that the nature of fish can't be improved once it is out of water. We can just preserve it the most ideal way imaginable. Thus we ensure that simply the best crude materials get chose and every item leave our processing plant in the most ideal condition.

That is not all. We generally realized quality must be reliable and conform to gauges. We are one of the TUV SUD ISO 22003-2013 Certified Company having a factory in Abu Dhabi, UAE and every products are HACCP certified as well.


    Freezing Plant
  • One 10 ton capacity blast freezers
  • Chiller Rooms
  • Chiller Rooms 9 MT Capacity
  • Cold Storage
  • 26000 Ton Capacity, Mussafah

Our Moving Frozen World

We have two kinds of distribution centers where we can figure out how to hold the nature of the items for a more drawn out time.

Superiority in quality

Telecom Division provides Telecommunication solutions with the cutting-edge products in the field of Telecommunication, Telecom, Networking, Security, Monitoring, Control, and Telecom Software. Representing the world leader in the field of communication such as: Cisco, Avaya & Nortel, Panasonic, NEC, and more.

Quality Check

The quality check is more a manual procedure here at the unit as the specialized check will be done at the spot of the flight.

The nature of the item is checked dependent on two classifications specifically:

• Texture & And appearance

The quality check is finished utilizing synthetic concoctions or miniaturized scale natural. They will check for the guaranteed nature of the items before the takeoff.

Important facts:
  • We have a completely temperature controlled condition that is deliberately observed.
  • Full consistence with FDA sustenance code for parasitic decimation.
  • Every request that is taken a shot voluntarily be assessed by a quality control chief guaranteeing the quality is held and that the bundling and items achieve the clients in the correct conditions true to form.
  • Fully observed atmosphere controlled store zones with cautions that show the temperature change in like manner.

Sooner rather than later we are taking a glimpse at greater tasks and further advancements and extensions.

Our effectively existing stockrooms, handling units and workplaces in and different territories of Abu Dhabi are the additional quill to the top.

We are taking a glimpse at tasks that will enable us to complete a superior employment with respect to obliging the clients the final result getting it done in particular at Masdar city, Al Aryam, Abu Al Abyad and so forth.

Our Skillfulness